“Truly there is no humanity without the cultivation of land; there is no good life without the food that it produces for the men and women of every continent. Thus, agriculture shows its inalienable role. The labour of those who cultivate the earth, generously dedicating time and energy to it, appears as a genuine vocation."
Pope Francis
To Farmers, January 31, 2015
COMMUNITY: Living His Communion Together

Blessing of the Farms

In March, depending upon the weather, Father Michael visits our local farms to bless farms PRIOR TO the breaking of the soil or the seeding of the fields. Please register for Father's visit to your farm by dropping the form at the rectory for this Springtime event.

This is on a first come, first serve basis, with exceptions to be made due to poor weather or a change in one's schedule. There is a brief Introduction Prayer, Readings, Petitions, the actual Blessing of the Field and then a brief Closing Prayer. The intent is to bless the soil, to pray for a good season and also an abundant harvest. Join Father Michael in this prayer for you, your farms, and with all of us for the local farmers. Praying that God will continue to bless the local farms and the bountiful harvests they can produce. In the end, let us give THANKS to our Lord and God.

Prayer for Farmers
by Fr. Michael Briese

Father, You are the Creator of all that is. You created the birds of the air, the vast waterways which stretch across Your great earthly domain, Your heavenly rains, the stars of the heavens, the ample forests, the countless creatures which roam the lands, the many fishes of the seas, and most important, the many sacred and precious human lives which roam Your earth. Father, we give You thanks. Only with Your creation can the farmers of our world strive to plow Your soil, plant Your seeds, sow Your vast creation of crops, and experience Your provision of bountiful harvests.

O God, our Creator, Your willingness to share the land and natural resources reminds us that we are to share the crops of the fields, the countless fruits of Your creation, and of course the abundant natural resources only You can create. 

O Lord, grant your farmers a great trust in You. Remind our farmers as they stand amid their fertile fields that only with You can they succeed in their farming endeavors. May Your farmers humbly come before You, O Lord, and acknowledge Your Divine Beauty which You entrust unto a farmer’s stewardship.  We give thanks to You, O Lord for Your ancient Divine wisdom and guidance.  As stewards of Your creation, entrusted by You, O Lord, may we always be people whose hearts are reminded about Your daily care for us, our farms and the countless crops of the fields. We offer this prayer for farmers in a humble spirit of awe and thanksgiving.



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Prayer to St. Isidore

Glorious St Isidore, intercede for us who invoke you and for all farmers, that all farms may work to accomplish the aim of providing good food for people all over the world and for the birds and hearts on whom our Heavenly Father’s Love feeds and does not allow one of them to perish. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.


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