On Saturday, the 1st of February, the Knights of Columbus, MDRTL, and parishioners from St Mary's in Newport, MD (Charles County) installed the 1st Cemetery of the Innocents for 2020 in Maryland, and the 337th memorial since 2004. I would especially like to thank the pastor, Father Michael Briese for his strong support for this Cemetery of the Innocents. I would also like to thank the Pro-life Coordinator, Phil Desmarais, PGK Tom Mayer, and GK Joe Hayden of Holy Ghost Council 11484 for their strong leadership in support of the unborn babies. Finally, I would like to thank all those who helped in the installation on that beautiful Saturday morning:

Buddy Burch, Phil Desmarais, Joe DiNatale, Trevor Earnshaw, Joe Hayden, GK Holy Ghost Council 11484, Bob Lynch, Tom Mayer, Chris Moore, Bernie Murphy, Joe Troy, Frank Wathen, and Rick Wathen. Today in MD, there are 4 Cemeteries standing: St. Mary's in Newport, MD (Charles County), St. John Francis Regis in Hollywood, MD, (St Mary's County), St. George in Valley Lee, MD (St. Mary's County), and Jesus of the Divine Word in Huntington, MD (Calvert County)
May God bless our efforts, Jim McFillin, St Mary's County RTL

For more information about our parish efforts to cherish the gift of the human person, visit HERE

Tuesday, March 31, 2020 - 2:30pm


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